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Useful material to support usage of the Oridashi Hiasobi FHIR Component.

Resources/Profiles Deployment/System/Standards

Current Context - application context detection

Hiasobi Extensions - FHIR data extensions

Hiasobi Systems - Custom coding and identifier systems

Data Profiles - Overview of available data

Operations - Overview of server operations

Systems in Use - Summary of coding, identifier systems

Deliver Message - Document via Message

Inbound Folder - Inbound folder for HL7 V2 message info

Medications Usage - Using statement and order

Confidentiality Usage - confidentiality

Consent Statement - document based consent

SMART Usage - specific use of SMART on FHIR

SMART on FHIR Apps - platform for web applications, register, launch, authorisation

Scheduling Support - appointment book and appointments

Extended $everything Operation - Patient $everything extended parameters

Context Roles - normalised roles representation

System Requirements - current support and system requirements

Release Notes - notes associated with releases (v2.3.0 and above)

Embedded Server - using Hiasobi as an embedded server within your application as a DLL

Standalone Server - using Hiasobi as a stand-alone executable server for testing and evaluation

Server Configuration - configuring the Hiasobi server operation

Common Logging - configuring optional logging for Hiasobi server

Tools - other useful tools for testing and development

Useful Links

FHIR Introduction Package - references to introductory material for FHIR

http://www.HL7.org/fhir/ - current FHIR specification + useful links

http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=FHIR - FHIR community wiki

http://confluence.hl7australia.com - FHIR AU standards development wiki

Made-up Statistics for Discussion - stats that have been espoused...veracity unsubstantiated